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Terms and Conditions Film Screening

Please join us on March 22nd, 2018 for the next iteration of Terms and Conditions (formerly known as In Time Film Festival). A showcase of experimentation in moving image and audio based mediums. Placing a spotlight on avant-garde, art-house, independent and no/low budget student filmmaking that goes beyond expectations and genres; Moving image pieces that strive to push the boundaries of accepted form and content and show a strong innovative authorship.

Created and curated by thesis student Johnnie Chatman, Terms and Conditions aims to bring together the work and talent of the students from a consortium of MFA programs, providing a platform to have their films screened by the public while encouraging interdisciplinary conversations between the programs and artists.

There will be light refreshments and an open bar. All are welcome.

SCREENING ORDER 0.1 - Filmes de Femmes:

Part I.
1. Mengmei Pan - Sound Notes 4.0
2. Jina Park - Vigilance
3. Sara Arno - You Are What You Eat
4. Jing Lin - Machinetopia
5. Em Cohen - The Right Direction
6. Carla Maldonado - Temporary Days
Duration: 40 minutes

Intermission works by Dalia Amara, Tiffany Smith, Kelsey Winfrey and Liz Zito

Part II.
1. Kelsey Winfrey - Aurasphere
2. Naixin Xu - Excerpt from The Westbound Journey
3. Yi Qian - The Artist is the Sun
4. Alex Hovet - Counter-Charge
Duration: 40 minutes

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