Gallery for Broken Hearts 2018

Second annual Gallery for Broken Hearts will be hosted on February 14th as an alternative event for those of you that want to hang out, have some interesting conversations, and experience amazing art. Free liquor and free snacks will be included. There's a door donation of $10 on a sliding scale, no one will be turned away!

Thank you for everyone that submitted work! I am happy to announce our performances:

Brian Quinn
Poetry readings by amazing writers
Chinchilla Death Squad

Melissa Lewis

Artists Include:
Amaris Woo
Ashley Leanne/Steve Abbott
Charmaine Esmeralda
Daniele Erville
Devan Bentley
Joe Papagoda
Johnnie Chatman
Kyle Jernigan
Michael Sims
Sakara Birdsong
and many more...

Click here more details and hours.