Park Blvd

Throughout time and photographic history, the idiom of the road has long been explored and studied across the globe. Industrialization has come and gone, with the west expanded to the pacific. What’s left in the ashes are the remnants to by gone areas where through performative acts the steps of the past are retreaded and paved. By venturing through federally and state controlled forests and landscapes, I aimed to see the way the roads within take on and alter the characteristics and presence of their surroundings. Unlike within the city, these paths are thought to have been carefully mapped out and balanced to find the perfect center between the desire to maintain a semblance of “wilderness” and the need for access due to commerce and conservation. In many places, these singular roads act as the only line of admittance and connection to the populations that surround them. With this series, the road is bestowed the aesthetic value of the landscape it dissects. By viewing these structural entities as a character within the landscape we may better see the ways in which the dyad of nature and asphalt, consumerism and preservation intersect and communicate to see ways in which the decisions of the past have restructured the journeys of the present.