Iridescent Waves

Iridescent Waves is an aesthetic study of light and time through the manipulation of non-descript settings. Wandering the San Francisco area landscape I searched for unorganized scenes that allowed me the opportunity to construct my own study of color and attributes of abstraction in the physical world. Each piece aims to encapsulate an experiential and auditory reaction to the condition at hand. Through the exploitation and degradation of the image (at the time of capture) via the emphasis on light I aim to blur the lines between photography and painting. Over time the dialogue between the mediums has established virtual canyons and separations between the intention and motifs of the artists. Iridescent Waves aims to converse with the tactile and expressive qualities of painting at a time when the medium is in dialogue with the digital age. The camera’s ability to render reality faithfully is subverted to explore aesthetic investigations of abstraction. With the motion of the hand, the artists’ movement acts as a brush onto a digital canvas.